Pet Rules and Regulations

Only dogs are allowed. No other animals qualify as allowed pets. Pets are only allowed when approved in advance, only in certain cabins, and only when the following terms are agreed to:

  1. Pets shall never be left unattended at a cabin unless crated. If any uncrated pet is found at a cabin, either inside or outside, you hereby authorize Watershed Cabins to remove the pet(s) and, at tenant’s expense, have it boarded at a local boarding service for the duration of the stay. If tenant chooses to vacate the premises rather than board his pet(s) for the remainder of my stay, the boarding and transportation costs incurred will be reimbursed to Watershed Cabins, and the charges for the remaining portion of my stay will be forfeited.
  2. There is an additional cleaning fee of $15/day per pet, but is only charged on the first 2. We allow more than 2 pets on a case-by-case basis, but do not charge additional fee beyond the first 2 pets. Although no additional security deposit is required for a pet, the Limited Damage Waiver option that guests may opt for does not ever cover damage related to or caused by pets.
  3. Tenant must report pet damage immediately upon occurrence to facilitate timely repairs/corrections/cleanup (waiting until checkout to report pet damage can potentially increase tenant’s financial responsibility when restoring the unit to rentable condition cannot be accomplished before the next arrival, thus causing the displacement of future guests) . Damages resulting from a pet can result in related costs, including but not limited to: fumigation costs and loss of rents due to the unit not being fit for occupancy by the next guests. Liability for costs of displacing future guests (lost rents) is limited to 2 nights, and is only applicable when best reasonable efforts to return the cabin to rentable status are not effective and result in lost rent revenue to Watershed Cabins.
  4. Tenants will hold Watershed Cabins harmless for any perils to pet(s) including, but not limited to accidents, injuries, illness, loss, runaway, death or any other circumstances relating to the presence of my pet(s). I understand that certain conditions of the environment and habitat of the area are inherently risky for domestic animals. This includes dangers of predators (bears, raccoons, wild dogs, snakes, and others) and other conditions (fallen or falling trees/branches, stinging insects, poisonous vegetation, land/rock slides, and others). I understand that pets are not affected by, but can facilitate human contact with poison ivy toxins.
  5. Tenants must clean up all waste products of their pet(s). Acceptable clean-up shall be placing the waste product in trash cans provided. Non-compliance shall be a breach of the rules and will result in forfeiture of total security deposit.
  6. The following guidelines apply for control and behavior of pet(s):
    • Pets are not allowed on the furniture, including beds (ANY EVIDENCE OF PETS ON FURNITURE WILL RESULT IN ADDITIONAL CLEANING FEES)
    • Pets will be in owner’s control, either by command or by leash at all times
    • Excessive noise, including howling or barking, will be avoided. If other guests are disturbed, pet must be removed.
  7. Responsibilities herein apply to pets whether owned by tenant, tenant’s family, or the guests staying with me at the cabin. “Visiting” pets (those brought by visitors just stopping by and not staying overnight) are not allowed in the cabins.