US Open Whitewater Slalom and Wildwater Competition Next Weekend

  On Saturday and Sunday, March 26th and 27th, Nantahala Outdoor Center will be hosting the Nantahala Racing Club Whitewater US Open Slalom and Wildwater Competition. During this southeastern classic event hosted by Nantahala Racing Club, elite paddlers,up-and-coming youth and junior athletes and even a few ambitious amateurs run a challenging slalom course through the [...]

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Swain County Farmer’s Market Open for the Season

Swain County Farmer’s Market Opened on Friday, May 1st! Every Friday from 9a.m. until noon, you can visit the Farmer’s Market in Bryson City to stock up on fresh conventional and organic produce, baked goods, gluten-free items, local honey, plants, handmade bath products and essential oils, beautiful handcrafted jewelry, handmade toys, pottery and lots of [...]

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Bringing Santa Home

Christmas is behind us but there is still plenty of fun to be had in Bryson City. The Great Smoky Mountains Railroad is extending the extending the wildly popular Polar Express trains until January 4th, 2015. The ride features all the fun of the Polar Express: Singing, dancing, getting to wear your PJs in public, cookies, hot chocolate, [...]

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Bryson City Halloween Fun

Looking for something fun to do in Bryson City on Halloween? There are plenty of great options! One of our favorite is the Nantahala Brewing Company Witch’s Brew Release and Halloween Party featuring Soldier’s Heart. This year’s Witch’s Brew has been, ahem, “brewing” for three years and according to brewery staff, is “ghoulishly Intoxicating”! Come [...]

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“Music on Tap” at Nantahala Brewing Company

The Nantahala Brewing Company is in downtown Bryson City, just across from the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad. Fun fact: the water used to brew their award-winning craft beer comes straight out of the Deep Creek watershed of the Smoky Mountains! This summer, the brewery is hosting a weekend concert series called Music on Tap. This [...]

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What Makes the Smoky Mountains Smoky?

Have you ever wondered how the Smoky Mountains got their name?  While the name Smoky Mountains comes from the Cherokee name “shaconage”, which means “land of blue smoke”, they don’t actually smoke. The area does not have a significant number of forest fires, either. In fact, the annual rainfall is between 55 and 85 inches [...]

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Freedom Fest in Bryson City

Looking for something to do for the Fourth of July? There are lots of fun, family-friendly activities going on in Bryson City! Festivities kick off with the Firecracker 5K at 8 a.m. and continue throughout the day with the Freedom Festival downtown featuring local artisans, crafts, delicious food, fun contests and lots of great music all day [...]

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US Open Whitewater Event This Weekend

This Saturday and Sunday, March 22nd and 23rd, Nantahala Outdoor Center will be hosting the Bank of America US Open Slalom and Wildwater Competition. During this event, elite paddlers as well as ambitious amateurs and even kids run a challenging slalom course through the Nantahala Falls in this southeastern classic hosted by the Nantahala Racing [...]

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A Guide to Our Local Charm

The extremely rare Stewartia Ovata, or Mountain Camelia can be found near Bryson City in early summer. One of the biggest and most noticeable differences between city or suburban life and small town living is the pace. In life, most of us are often rushed and seldom have time to stop and smell [...]

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