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Always Accepted, Never Exected

There are so many great things to do in Bryson City! You can go for a hike, go rafting, tubing, kayaking, fishing, horseback riding, zip lining or mountain biking; or you can take it easy while riding the train, ... View the full post »

Freedom Fest in Bryson City

Looking for something to do for the Fourth of July? There are lots of fun, family-friendly activities going on in Bryson City! Festivities kick off with the Firecracker 5Kat 8 a.m. and continue throughout the day with the Freedom Festival downtown fe... View the full post »

Watch Out for Poison Ivy

Every summer, thousands of people come into contact with poison ivy. For most, the reaction is minor but for others, it can result in weeks of discomfort. It is best to avoid contact with these plants entirely; long pants and long... View the full post »

What Makes the Smoky Mountains Smoky?

Have you ever wondered how the Smoky Mountainsgot their name? While the name Smoky Mountains comes from the Cherokee name “shaconage”, which means “land of blue smoke”, they don't actually smok... View the full post »

Bear Safety in the Mountains

Black bears are a big attraction here in the Smoky Mountains. They are beautiful and generally peaceful animals who would really rather avoid contact with humans. But make no mistake - they are wild animals and c... View the full post »