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Make a Trip to the Smokies Part of Your 2014!

Today is a day of making plans for what the coming year will hold. We plan to live better, eat better, exercise more, love more; the list goes on and on! Today, when you are making resolutions and setting goals for the coming year... View the full post »

BRRRR! It's COLD Outside!!

The national cold-snap is all over the news and your social media pages are packed with comments and photos of the cold temperatures your friends are experiencing, right? The temperatures here are the lowest they have been in deca... View the full post »

Check Out the Cottage Craftsman

The Cottage Craftsman in Bryson City, NC is a unique gallery and market that celebrates traditional and contemporary fine art, crafts, specialty foods, wine and music with a focus on the artists... View the full post »

It's Snowing in Bryson City!

Once again, winter weather has come our way. What a treat to have snow when you are visiting your Watershed Cabin! If you are from warm climates and aren't used to dealing with this type of winter weather, it ... View the full post »

Our Small Town Pharmacy Treats You Like Family

When travelling, it is often easier to go to a chain store or restaurant you know instead of taking a risk on a small mom-and-pop business. It is understandable, of course; you know what to expect and therefore will be less likel... View the full post »